Pregnancy Massage

Your Therapist

Pregnancy Massage at Synergy Massage & Wellness is performed by Remedial Massage Therapist Carolyn Sharkey.  Carolyn is passionate about supporting women during pregnancy and has received specific training and education in pregnancy massage techniques with Pregnancy Massage Australia.   Carolyn has completed the ‘Certificate of Pregnancy Massage’, ‘Practitioner of Pregnancy Massage’, ‘Postnatal Massage’ and ‘Partner Training and Labour Massage’ and is a NurtureLife registered practitioner.

 The Massage

Pregnancy Massage at Synergy Massage & Wellness is a nurturing full body treatment using techniques that are safe and appropriate in addressing the changes and strains placed on the pregnant body and systems during each trimester.

Not only does this massage address physical strains and discomforts, it is also designed to prepare the mother physically, emotionally and mentally for labour.


Prior to your initial appointment you will be sent a medical history to complete relating to this and previous pregnancies to ensure the treatment is appropriate to your needs and takes into account any special medical conditions.  Some testing will determine areas that might be contributing to pain and tension; a full body massage will then focus on addressing specific areas of tension.

The powerful benefits you will receive from this massage include:


    • Decreasing muscle tension
    • Restoring postural balance
    • Easing shoulder, neck, joint and muscle pain associated with postural changes
    • Increasing joint range of motion
    • Enhancing circulation
    • Decreasing oedema (swelling created by increase in fluid)
    • Stimulating lymph flow
    • Reducing blood pressure
    • Improving sleep quality
    • Relieving breathlessness
    • Helping prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for labour