Warm-up and stretching tips
Published on Mar 6, 2017

Warm-up and stretching tips from wellness expert and remedial massage therapist Carolyn Sharkey

Don’t underestimate the importance of a warm-up for injury prevention.  Ensuring adequate warm-up before any exercise will go a long way in preventing injury. Jumping straight into heavy exercise can result in muscle strain and even tearing that will put you out of action for weeks or even months. A 5-10 minute warmup will slowly increase heart rate, and increase blood flow and circulation to muscles, tendons and ligaments to ready them for more intense exercise.

Should I be stretching?

After exercise, muscles can be left in a shortened state from repeatedly contracting. Stretching after exercise will help to relieve post exercise stiffness and sore muscles by returning muscles to a longer resting length.

When should I stretch?

Post exercise is a good time to stretch as muscles are warm. Focus on the muscles that you have worked on or that are feeling tight

Should I stretch at other times?

It is a good idea to stretch at least a few times a week, focussing on all major muscle groups. Stretching lengthens muscles and increases flexibility, allowing for better movement and range of motion especially later in life. Inactivity, poor posture or activities that leave us in one position for a long time can result in shortening of muscles and pain. Stretches that reverse that posture should be performed regularly during that activity. For example, if you are leaning over a desk all day be sure to stop regularly and reverse that posture by stretching out your chest.


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