Pathways to Success with Pilates!

Pilates @ Synergy Massage and Wellness Croydon is focused on individualised programs and small group classes. Pilates keeps us mobile, increases strength & mobility and reduces pain, as we negotiate the ever changing needs of our moving body through injury, age, pregnancy or illness.

Viv Rogis is a passionate and unique curator of intrinsic movement as ‘medicine’ for the body. In consultation with you, and your broader health and wellness team (if relevant) Viv will  identify your individual pilates needs and provide sustainable support to achieve your goals.  

Everyone begins with an initial consultation, which includes a postural and movement assessment process, goal setting and an introduction to the pilates method of moving & the specific equipment we have at our studio. Then, when you join our group classes you are confident & ready to go and we know what you need. After this you can access;

  • A weekly group class
  • Book a 2nd private session in which Viv will give you an individual program 
  • Private classes. After your initial consultation if you have a group of friends (up to 4) who would like to regularly do pilates together, or you prefer to maintain a private 1:1 session weekly, then you can book a regular time for this with Viv. 


Initial Consultation $90 (60mins)

The initial consultation includes a postural and movement assessment process, goal setting and an introduction to the pilates method of moving & equipment, so that when you join our group classes you are ready to go and feel confident. These sessions are vital for us to get to know each other, so that I can be best prepared to facilitate your pilates needs as you move into group classes. The final part of your success story is consistency. Give yourself the gift of a regular hour (or 2) in your week to move with mind and body in concert.

Initial Consultation with a friend – $50 each  (1hr) 

You can choose to share your initial consultation with a friend or family member. Sometimes it’s great to start your movement journey with a motivation buddy. I have had couples, family and best friend teams start their pilates adventure together. They love the time together and being able to discuss their progression as they reach their goals. 

Group Classes $33 – single class pass/$150 – 5 class pass/$290 – 10 class pass

All Group classes will have a maximum of 3 people per class. Viv will take each class participant through pilates exercises to fit their goals and/or movement needs. You will get personal instruction and time and space to discover the exercises at your own pace. These classes are suitable for all who have already done an Initial consultation and are good for pregnancy, post natal recovery, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, balance, pain reduction and general strength and wellbeing. 

Special Workshops 

These classes will appear on the schedule from time to time when i have enough interest to run a series. Usually a 4 week block the classes will be specifically designed for groups such as Mum’s/Dad’s and Bubs, Pregnancy or teens etc. These classes will follow the same principles as all other group classes but are an acknowledgement that sometimes these class groups have a specific set of needs that may be best fulfilled together. Please contact Viv on 0417663778 to be placed on the information list.

Individual Program 1:1 Session $90 (1 hour)

Individual Program with a friend $50 each  (1hr15mins) 

Follow up Sessions 1:1 $75 (45mins)

Follow up Session with a friend $45 each. (1 hr)

Recommended for

  • Injury/surgery rehabilitation
  • Injury prevention and strength training for dancers and athletes 
  • Anyone who has a specific goal or issue they wish to improve with pilates

After your initial consultation you can choose to have a program developed specifically for your rehabilitation, strength, flexibility, or wellbeing goals. In this private session you will be taught the exercises in your program in detail. You will then be able to join the group classes with this program and Viv will supervise, adjust and assess your program as you progress. At the completion of each session she will update the progress sheet with you and help you to set new goals as necessary.  At any point you can choose to have a follow up private session in which we can re-assess and adjust a program more fully.