Vivienne Rogis

Pilates Instructor

Movement is my medicine!

Viv has been supporting people of all ages to find freedom and strength in movement for 25 years. She is deeply curious about the infinite ways the body and mind can co-ordinate to move us through life with joy and freedom.

As a professional dance performer, teacher and choreographer, pilates has been an integral part of Viv’s working and personal life, supporting her own freedom of movement as she negotiates the ever changing body through life.

Viv is passionate about working with you, using the pilates movement method and her broader movement background, to fulfill your goals in strength, flexibility, rehabilitation, pain reduction, injury prevention & joy in movement.

Viv has a Diploma in Contemporary Pilates, 25yrs of experience in contemporary & ballet technique and practice and varied somatic based movement methods to bring to all her sessions.

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